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Vilar do Lor is a village located northern Quiroga in the Galicia province of Lugo and, along with other small villages like Bustello, Lamas, Xestoso, Xoan and Parteme, forms an area known as “A montaña ”.

The village is at the top of a hill and, from there, a road goes down across a narrow valley up to reach the nice valley dug by the Courel River (Courel Valley).


In the neighbouring forest, there are chestnut, oak, holm oak, pine, holly bush, hazel and cork. The vegetation is made up of heather, “piorno”, “carqueixa” and “toxos”, among others. This foliage hides a wide wild life such as fox, wolf, wild boar, rabbit, hare and fawn. Trout and eel swim in the rivers and are delightful delicacies.

The houses have a typical architecture and their walls and roofs are of slate. These villages have an attractive heritage such as megaliths in Quinta de Lor and Vilar de Lor and military castra and other roman remaining. Besides, they preserve many civil, military and religious buildings of significance.

This area is suitable for hiking, caving, paragliding, hunting and fishing.

The main economic activities in this zone are agriculture, livestock farming and, in the valleys, the grapevine growing.

The local gastronomy makes use of the natural products from the region. Traditionally, the main meat is pork and game, together with different types of fish and products from the local vegetable gardens.

Other natural products such as chestnuts, walnut and honey are used for making delicious desserts and spirits.

Vilar do Lor is a perfect place to find calm and to enjoy a clean atmosphere, chatting with the local people you feel at home and you do not realise as hours pass.

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