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Adventure activities*: Canyoning, caving, canoe routes and descents, canoe raft.


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Ruta Alto do Boi - Serra do Courel

Serra Do Courel


  • San José: in Bustelo, Vilar and Lamas, It is in March 19th.
  • San Antonio: In Xestoso it celebrates at the weekend after San Antonio´s day.
  • Santa Isabel: In Orxais and Soan, it is in the last weekend of July.
  • Rosario: In Bustelo, Vilar and Lamas it is celebrated in the first weekend of October. On Friday, the committee invites a celebration enlivened by a great orchestra and offers bacon as free meal.  
  • Festa do Magosto: In Soan and Orxais it takes place in October or November, depending on when chestnut harvest happens.
  • Feira do viño: In Quiroga it is at Eastern. This wine fair has a regional importance and has been celebrated since 1981.
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